Lodging at Point Clear Cottages in Mobile Bay Alabama


Our host, Robert Berglin

I was born in Providence Hospital in Mobile, AL on April 20, 1938.  My grandfather, Adolph Berglin, came to Fairhope from Wisconsin in 1896 and was one of Fairhope’s first mayors.

My grandfather and grandmother were married in Fairhope in 1900. My grandfather started the first creamery in Alabama in 1908, under the bluff near the Fire Department Meeting Building. The Fairhope Ice & Creamery Co was one of Fairhope’s largest employers and was in business until 1961, when family members passed away and the business was sold to Barber Milk Co of Birmingham, AL.

My father was born in Fairhope Ave in 1902. My mother came to Fairhope, from Monroe County, AL, in 1925 to teach school.  She and my daddy were married on June 15, 1927, the day that the Mobile Bay Causeway was opened to automobile traffic.  Prior to that, people had to go by bay boat to Mobile.

At a widower’s meeting, I was recently asked when I met my wife.  She was a native and lifelong resident of Fairhope and I never remember not knowing her. My wife of 43 years died in 2006 from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease.) Her family and my family were lifelong friends.  I have two children and two grandchildren and am blessed that we all live in the Fairhope / Point Clear area.

When I was a boy there were 1500 people here and now there are more than 15,000. I was a loan officer for 20 years in the local bank when every town had a local bank. When the bank sold out to a large state-wide bank, I sold real estate for 15 years.

The property that I live on was purchased by my wife’s father from my uncle, Marvin Berglin, in 1948. My wife’s father gave her the lot in 1970, and we lived in the same house for 29 years in Fairhope, then built the present house on the lot in 1993.

Meet the “family”

I have three friends, who are technically employees, but more like family.

You will know the skills of Bernard as soon as you see the grounds of the property. Bernard was born in Fairhope, delivered by a mid-wife at home 56 years ago, and has been my friend all of his life – he says that I helped raise him. He has been yardman-handy-man for me since 2005.

It is with a heavy heart that I must share the sad news of the passing of Joann Wilson on August 19, 2012. Joann was a very dear friend to me; she joyfully served as our talented chef and housekeeper for 7 years and will be greatly missed by many.

I am very grateful to announce that Joann’s legacy lives on here at Point Clear Cottages. I have hired 2 of Joann’s daughters, Joannie & Tabatha, to help me out.

Joannie and Tabatha

Joannie, the matriarch of Joann’s family, has inherited Joann’s cooking talent and is my head cook and housekeeping manager. Tabatha, assists Joannie in the kitchen and with housekeeping duties. They are both kind, hardworking ladies and I find them a joy to work with.